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Without advance planning, qualifying and becoming a recipient of Medicaid (to seek financial assistance in paying the Nursing Home bill) can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s or a couple’s income and assets.  Nursing home costs in Alabama average $180 per day/$5,475 per month/$65,700 per year! (Source:  www.seniorhomes.com)

It is not entirely too late to plan just because a loved one is or may soon be resident of a nursing home.  Our attorneys have years of experience in assisting families with Medicaid qualification for nursing home financial assistance, and can provide their knowledge in helping families to prepare when the time arises to proceed with such qualification.

Furthermore, in the case of a married couple where one spouse is in or entering the nursing home, such estate and asset protection planning is pertinent to avoid the non-nursing home resident spouse’s assets, should that spouse get their “audition for the heavenly choir” first, from being used to pay the other spouse’s nursing home bill.

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