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Whether a dispute involving Will or a Trust, or concerning the administration of a probate estate, our attorneys have the courtroom experience concerning such matters.

Will Contest
A Will may be contested for a variety of reasons.  One party may allege that another used undue influence to gain favor in the Will.  One party may complain that the creator of the Will was not of sound mind when the document was executed.

Trust Disputes
Disputes over trusts often stem from allegations that the trustee is not fulfilling his or her duties.

Administering a Probate Estate, and Probate Disputes
As the loss of a loved one, it could be necessary to probate their estate so that debts can be satisfied and assets transferred from the name of the estate to the respective beneficiaries under a Will or heirs at law, if there is no Will.

Everyone wants to make certain that he or she is treated properly and that the deceased’s wishes are observed.  Unfortunately, sometimes that causes a dispute during the administration of the deceased’s estate.

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